About Christina

Native of San Antonio, Texas

Lead data analytic developer for a top research firm in the DC area.

Corporate Supervisor and Recruiter

Lover of Travel, Dance and Video Games  

Christina Alva is a lead data analytic developer for a top research firm in Washington, D.C. She is a supervisor and recruiter and has worked in Corporate America and for the Federal and State governments. As a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics in 2010, Christina took a job as a programmer and fell in love with the industry. Although she never thought of herself as a programmer, Christina tapped into her love for math and problem solving. 

Christina enjoys helping others succeed in the workplace and providing guidance on achieving career goals and being successful. She has helped people find jobs by improving and perfecting their resumes, sharpening their interview skills, and finding mentors to guide them along the way. She is a board member with the non-profit organization, Coders Who Travel. The goal of the organization is to build a community of programmers who want to give back to their communities by providing technical assistance and training to help others succeed in the industry.

Aside from work, Christina loves writing, dancing, playing video games, and hanging out with friends and family. She is a brand Partner with Nerium International and loves helping people look and feel great.