Welcome to ChristinaAlva.com! Christina is a software developer and programmer, author, recruiter, and corporate mentor who has a passion for helping college graduates successfully market themselves and nail the jobs of their dreams. Each day, Christina helps her peers break through barriers and accomplish the unimaginable. As a mentor, she understands that a boss life starts with a boss mindset.  Get Christina Alva’s book Beyond The Job Description: How to Succeed in the Workplace.


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"I was fortunate to have Christina as a supervisor for my first job after graduate school.  I remember her being actively engaged in mentoring me about numerous topics that include work professionalism, networking, data analytics, and even life skills. One of the many words of advice that stands out to me is to always find a mentor in my current work environment.  This has benefited me to this day."

- Alexis Adams

"Christina's tips for writing effective resumes and interviewing like a Boss helped me land my dream job. When I was struggling at work she knew exactly what I was going through. Her advice has helped me get through some tough times and even get a promotion."

-Maria Hernandez



San Antonio Book Signing Feb 17th and 18th

Drop by to chat with Camille and me, authors of Beyond the Job Description: How to Succeed in the Workplace. We will be signing books and answering career questions. Come out and network with other professionals. Light refreshments will be provided and there will be door prizes.

You have two opportunities to meet the authors and grab your copy, Saturday and Sunday 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM. For more details email me at info@ChristinaAlva.com. I hope to see you there.